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Korean sheet masks - Seoul chic!

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We've been inspired by the Korean beauty regime for a while and one of favourite brands from South Korea is Manefit Beauty Planner.  These cellulose facial sheet masks are perfect for skincare on the go or at home!

For those new to sheet masks, these are one time use fabric sheets soaked in formulations bursting with hydrating goodness.  Simply place over your freshly cleansed face for 15-20 minutes and let the serum soak into your skin with no need to rinse off.  They're great as a little pick me up when you've had a long day or just want to treat yourself.

Manefit Beauty Planner has had an amazing response overseas and on social media.

Take a look at these skincare heroes:


Part of the chrysanthemum family, this has been used for food and medicine worldwide. In particular, oriental medicine uses it not only for medicine for natural therapy of various diseases. Mugwort is effective in injury treatment, cell protection activation, cell proliferation and regeneration. It has excellent antioxidant properties to delay skin ageing.


The humble cucumber is made up of more than 95% water but it also contains minerals, potassium, vitamin A,B1,B2 and C to calm and enrich your skin.  It's a great way to quench skin thirst and works amazing well in a moisturizing mask


As well as smelling divine, lavender has an anti-inflammation effect for troubled skin and helps with skin elasticity.  This mask is great to tackle those wrinkles and plump up tired skin.


The lily has traditionally symbolized ‘purity‘ and has various alkaloid ingredients in it like colchicine, starch, protein, various vitamins and amino acid.  It has excellent properties to help revitalize and brighten dull skin.


From ancient times, honey is known as the food to tackle cold or fatigue. Honey has excellent sterilization ability to help soothe skin troubles effectively and is a nutritious ingredient to use on the face.